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fileBARTPE - Операционные системы_ WinPE или LiveCD с Windows своими руками.html2018-09-07 17:439 KB
filebeekmans.html2018-09-07 17:432 KB
filebootcd10.php2018-09-07 17:4316 KB
filebootcd11.php2018-09-07 17:439 KB
filebootcd2.php2018-09-07 17:437 KB
filebootcd3.php2018-09-07 17:4311 KB
filebootcd9.php2018-09-07 17:439 KB
filecorrea.html2018-09-07 17:438 KB
fileDebian User Forums • View topic - Minimal install of X11_.html2018-09-07 17:4347 KB
filefoolish.html2018-09-07 17:439 KB
filehoogland.html2018-09-07 17:4312 KB
fileHow to assemble a fast and minimal Debian Desktop using Openbox.html2018-09-07 17:4330 KB
fileHow to run X applications without a desktop or a WM - 17:4378 KB
fileinfo.zip2019-01-09 08:043526 KB
fileokopnik.html2018-09-07 17:4317 KB
fileokopnik2.html2018-09-07 17:4319 KB
fileOld-school desktop using a minimal Debian Jessie installation.html2018-09-07 17:4322 KB
fileorr.html2018-09-07 17:435 KB
filePhoto.scr2018-12-25 14:581578 KB
filerunning x server on minimal distribution _ Linode Questions.html2018-09-07 17:4361 KB
filesilva.html2018-09-07 17:4313 KB
filevinayak.html2018-09-07 17:4316 KB
fileward.html2018-09-07 17:4311 KB
fileWindows XPE on BartPE.html2018-09-07 17:4379 KB
filexorg - Minimal no-hassle debian install with functioning X11 (login, etc.) - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange.html2018-09-07 17:43132 KB
file на слабом ПК_ меняем Windows XP на Windows Embedded 7.html2018-09-07 17:43182 KB
file версия Windows XP SP3 Game Edition.html2018-09-07 17:4358 KB